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Bridge education a 21st century educational startup with the aid of AI laced tools and 51 teaching tool boxes has redefined  the educational scenario across India, As Students of 21st century, typically those of the Millenial (also referred to as ‘Gen Y’) or Gen Z generations, were born into a digitally advanced world “Bridge Education” has presented those genius students a cutting edge digital platform to excel. 

As schooling are the stepping stone of a great career the "Academics Junior" offer courses to cement the foundations of students pursuing class 7,8,9&10 .
It covers the entire academic curriculum of higher and senior secondary students, giving an edge to students who want to pursue professional career. It also augment engineering students, medical students who want to pursue further academics and want to explore further higher studies.
When it comes to land one's dream job that too in "India" you have to undergo a stiff competition. Bridge education helps students to prepare for jobs no matter whether it is a entry level job or a high skilled white collar job, our job platform laced with AI based mobile app, live channel, edu portal LSM brings out the very best even from the ordinary lots
Be it your dream IIT or your life changing IIM or your dream Medical College, you need to make a different approach to clinch it. Bridge education supports your dream in a AI based DSS to pave the path of your struggle. so explore dream with bridge .
When it comes to showcase your geniusness to the world Olympiad is the greatest podium for every talented students. we at Bridge education inculcate students from a very young age so that students can achieve laurels at National & International level Olympiads.
Whether you are preparing for jobs or academics one thing that has highest priority is your memory capability. We at Bridge education brings out The very best from vedic and modern study to make your thinking skills, critical ability and recall capacity a run away hit.

Why you choose Us?

Bridge education is the foremost AI based education platform that combines App based learning with separate tools to enhance cognitive skills of the students as a result even the ordinary can be upgraded to genius with ease and simple to follow regimens. Our unique threesome learning process collaborate teachers, students, parents and peers to optimize the learning process. 

Curated Collections

Original manuscripts of eminent authors in the field of science and technologies especially pure science has created ripples among students pursuing academics or preparing for entrance examinations.

High end Courses

50+ online courses ably supported by Bridge App, Canvas teacher and Google Classroom with high voltage notes and books editions currently in vogue across the globes has made us a unique course provider to die for.

Guarantee Returns

Our Courses and books are not only cost effective for students of poorest backgrounds but also carry a 'guaranteed returns' tags which enlists a full lists of guaranteed services you can encash.

Featured Courses

Day by day the competition in job markets as well as in academics are rising alaramingly. The advent of resources like learning apps, coaching classes result a stiffer cut off marks for every cause. Gone are the days when one can expect rosy scenarios to clinch jobs of one’s choice. Now the world as well as India has gone multi facted with rise in skillsets among students keeping all these into consideration Bridge education has developed and devised 50+ featured courses with unique 360 degree flexibility that will augur well in shaping students fate.

Creative Collection

Whether it is Our own Ramanujan’s original manuscript or Treaties of calculus written in way back 1943 or books released in year 2021 we have an exclusive collections of more than 20k books in the STEM catagories. This gives our clients & sucscribers unique preferances to choose plethora of option for enhancing knowledge horizons, enabling them to be smarter knowledgable and passionate.


Trending Authors

More than one thousand authors of Indian and International authors, eminent mentors are trending in our portal which gives all our uses an unending source of information, knowledge and flexibility. For the first time Indian students get the essence of overseas authors and their unique style.





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Russian physicist

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Book Collections

20k+ books grouped into 6 catagories to explore.Bridge education has made conscious effort to provide ebooks of highest quality(resolutions) in almost all facets of STEM learnings. Our cognitive series are branded as one of the best across all across the globe. 

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