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Junior Science Olympiad (JSO) is an Olympiad exam conducted at the International level as International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) for students below or in class X. … 80,000 students take part in NSEJS annually and the students who clear this exam are called upon for INJSO (Indian National Junior Science Olympiad)

The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) tests the student’s knowledge in Natural Science. It is an individual and team competition conducted annually. It aims to promote the student’s interest in natural science and to test their knowledge of the subject. The students’ problem-solving ability, analytical and critical thinking and the ability to conduct experiments is put to test by way of this exam. The examination is conducted in different countries in the month of December each year. There are about 50 countries that participate in this exam each year.

What is a International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO)?

The main aim of conducting this test, as mentioned above, is to invoke students’ interest in the natural sciences. Here is a look at the other objectives of organizing national science olympiad each year:

  • To develop international contacts in the field of natural sciences
  • To develop cordial relations with an international scientific community
  • To get the chance to compare the syllabus and educational techniques in science among the participating countries
  • To encourage students to become scientists
  • To reward excellence in the field of natural sciences

    International Science Olympiad (IJSO) Study Material

    Here are some books that should come handy while preparing for IJSO 2019:

    • Science IQ Challenge
    • 1000 Biology Quiz
    • Biology Olympiad Book and Physics Olympiad Problems Book
    • Solved Olympiad Problems of National & International Exams
    • Maths IQ Challenge
    • Math Olympiad Problems

      IJSO Exam Pattern

      • Find the Complete Detail of international junior science olympiad exam pattern and Exam type. all detail available here. read the below Points:-
      • International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) Exam Language is English,
      • Exam Contain of Three Single test on Different days.
      • In Exam the Question Come from Physics, Chemistry and Biology. so Student require the Complete knowledge of all three Subjects.
      • Total Score is 100 Points.
      • Exam Duration is 3 Hours
        1. Go for Group Studies: It is a good idea to go for group studies every once in a while. Compare your preparation techniques with your friends and inculcate the good ones. It is suggested to cross-question each other during these sessions to test knowledge. This is also a good way to clear your doubts. Have any Doubt, Ask! on Etoosindia Doubt Clinic panel.Total Number of Questions is 30 and each subject will have 10 Question.

          How to Prepare for IJSO Exams?

          1. Plan Properly: Since you are also required to prepare for your school examination simultaneously as you study for IJSO 2019, it is essential to do a proper planning so that you are able to prepare thoroughly for both the exams.
          1. Be Thorough with the Concepts: If you are aiming to give maths and science olympiad then it is essential to be thorough with the concepts. The questions included in junior science olympiad are tricky. However, if your concepts are clear then you would be able to do well.
          1. Solve Previous Years’ IJSO exam sample paper: The best way to test your knowledge and understand as to how well-prepared you are is to join Olympiad exam preparation free test papers. Pick as many of these as you can and solve these regularly. You don’t have to wait until you complete the whole syllabus before you begin to solve these IJSO sample question papers. Keep attempting the questions for the topics you have covered.
          1. Prepare Notes: As you learn the topics by referring to different IJSO study material & guidebooks for IJSO preparation, it is suggested to prepare notes simultaneously. By writing points side by side as you study you would be able to grasp better. These notes will also come handy as you sit to revise.
          1. Revise: Keep revising your chapters regularly as this helps in memorizing the information and retaining the information for long.


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